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Fight and conquer the prehistoric UGAA UGAA world!

right-img-3 Your village needs you! Your people are looking for leaders, who will lead them to glory, victory and the bulk of mammoth meat. You are the leader of the prehistoric village. The fate of your people is in your hands.

Build a strong and prosperous village, which will not only survive the attacks of the enemy tribes, but also be able to produce a huge army! Train the brave warriors, tame the dangerous dinosaurs and become the ultimate ruler of the tribe, which has ever step on the ground. Explore the prehistoric world with your friends, create the strong clans and conquer the world! Finally, fight your way to The Golden League!

PVP League - get to the top of the rankings and win great prizes!
Cross-platform free to play multiplayer strategy game
Wide variety of buildings, units and tactics
Single player campaign
Beautiful, cartoon graphics which creates the unique feeling of the game
Entertaining and engageing gameplay