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Age of Cavemen 1.12.0

Postby Support » 26 Jan 2017, 8:45

Change log - 1.12.0

  • Short building time for the first level Buildings
  • Troops recruitment time is significantly reduced - recruit your army faster and battle more often!
  • Glowing meteorite - Reduced time of gathering meteorites (now it's 30 seconds)
  • Anti-air fire x2 slower reducing DPS

  • Replays are reworked and back in game!
  • Clan window is reworked. It contains clan boosts now. You can also look at boost status of other clans!
  • New feature - Daily reward stars - get 5 stars daily to receive bonus resources!
  • Daily login rewards are reworked. They can be leveled up to grant higher rewards!
  • New animation of colliding rocks, when looking for an opponent!
  • Building List window is reworked

  • Achievement icons - every achievement has its own icon

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