Chat rules and regulation

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Chat rules and regulation

Postby Support » 03 Mar 2016, 8:26


Do not post referral coden on chat.
Do not use offense language. If another player is offended and wishes for you to stop then please do.
Do not use paste in large walls of text, that disrupts the chat conversation.
Please refrain from sending messages too quickly.
Do not repeatedly send a particular word, phrase or sentence.
Do not use capitals. Many users interpret this as yelling or shouting.
You are not allowed to break the law using chat.
You are not permitted to make money using chat.
You may not post your last name, or your street address. This is because this information then becomes visiable to anyone.
Do not paste links to adult material of any kind.
Please try and keep the conversations related to chat as much as possible.
If a moderator tells you to refrain from doing something in the chat, please respect the moderators wish and stop.
Any discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. If you feel your opinions/views/beliefs and feelings have not be respected appropriately by other members, contact support via mail

If you break one of these rules, the following penalties will apply:
Warning - Depending on how serious a violation is, you may be issued a warning first or 1 day mute.
Muting - Muting for 10 days.
Temporary ban - People who cause more problems after being muted for 10 days will be banned for a month, and for 2 months for the next offense.
Permanent ban - At this point, it is obvious that will never learn your lesson, thus, a permanent ban is necessary to be rid of the problems you cause.

Amendment 1 - There are no excuses for breaking the rules. It doesn't matter if you were angry at the time and weren't thinking straight. It doesn't matter if you were only kidding around. If you break a rule, it does the same damage, regardless of your reasons for breaking it, and you will be punished all the same.
Amendment 2 - Harrassing the administration about punishments is not allowed. The admins are only trying to do their job, and many times they have to make difficult decisions. You also may not make threats against administrators (or other members for that matter).
Amendment 3 - If you break more than one rule, the punishments will stack up to a maximum of 2 months, or a permanent ban if neccessary. If a sentencing length is 10 days or less, it is a mute, otherwise, it can either be a temporary or permanent ban.

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