time to leave AoC

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time to leave AoC

Postby girly1975 » 08 Aug 2016, 20:49

well thank you for all the support admin!!! you have helped like zilch,im am writhing here so my tribe can see that i have no choice but to leave the game as i cant get on to play anyway so Bam Bam,sorry to have let you down and the rest of the tribe maybe one day they will sort it out and people can maybe play again bye everyone hope you have more luck than me :x

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Re: time to leave AoC

Postby UG UG » 08 Aug 2016, 22:15

Hi Girly

Will miss You if you do quit the game but I do not blame you for doing so

The game is totally messed up and they have way more problems than they are fixing
There is no point in reporting bugs in game cos as You know some posts go unanswered and even if they are answered they dont do anything to rectify the problems in game, they just make them a lot worse with their patches / updates

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Re: time to leave AoC

Postby UG UG » 09 Aug 2016, 20:34

Hi Girly I would try to log into steam account again

For a few days My account was doing the same thing as Your and I am able to log in now

Looks like the devs have fixed (hopefully) the issues they was having with the game / steam

I can log in and attack on steam now

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Re: time to leave AoC

Postby Support » 12 Aug 2016, 10:39

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