Problems and bugs

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Problems and bugs

Postby bubu » 14 Aug 2016, 16:56

Every posts and discussions for problems and bugs are closed. Everywhere the support write a comment " Thank for sharing. We already know about this bug. We already fixed them. " or something like this but the problem is still into the game.
The game forums and discussions must be able for gamers to chat, advices, comments and shearing, not to be closed because you don't want to answer awkward questions about your game problems and bugs. This is part of that job and you must take responsibility for this not to shut off everybody.
You always can write in your game description " That is not the final version on the game so there can appear some problems and we will be thankful
if you share with us. We will work hard to fixed them and take serious your advices. Thank you all for being part of that game. Best wishes AoC "

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Re: Problems and bugs

Postby COLDFUSION » 22 Aug 2016, 15:53

the only reason they do this bubu is because as it stands the bugs in the game make them more money than if they allowed things to function as they should take the tribe boosts i seen a player get 10 wins for the amount to be reset 4 hrs after the 24 hr reset , they don't want people to play the game just spend money on it to get boosts without playing that's why they so reluctant to actually fix anything they call it a bug when its actually them being greedy
don't worry the game is under investigation and when it shows what they really doing i hope it gets taken out of they hands
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Re: Problems and bugs

Postby Support » 26 Aug 2016, 8:19

You may think what you want but without players we won't make any money. Nothing matters more than the community's opinion, but suggesting that we are not working on the game is simply not true. Without you the game is nothing. Of course, we have some problems right now but we have also fixed many bugs in last few weeks. And we are closing topics that are duplicated or when there is nothing more to add.

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