still no tribe chat adn journal messages

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still no tribe chat adn journal messages

Postby Jawney » 04 Sep 2016, 22:54

The tribe chat has not been working for myself and the other members of my tribe for a few weeks now. The same goes for the ability to post or read messages in the journal.

The tribe chat is essential for members to receive support troops from tribe tree requests; these troops play a vital role in a player's ability to gain a victory during an attack or to help repel attackers when being attacked. The simple fact that no members of my tribe have access to any of this means that we are unable to play at the same level as the opponents that are paired against us.

If you are unable to "repair" the tribe chat, then I would suggest that you disable this feature for all players so as to create a level playing field. Obviously, I can imagine that you would not enjoy the backlash from doing this. I do not believe that this issue is limited to my computer; if it were, then I would be the only one not having access, but the problem extends well beyond me as all my members are affected.

As tribe leader, the journal is the best way to communicate with my tribe. Once again, the inability to share messages places us at a disadvantage; same suggetsion - either repair this feature or disable it...

I am trying hard to support this game, and I have sent PMs to support regarding this several times. I know that the bugs in the game are driving members of my tribe, as well as other players, away from the game.

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Re: still no tribe chat adn journal messages

Postby Support » 08 Sep 2016, 8:49

Jawney, I understand how chat and journal are important to you and your tribe members. The problem is that we are not able to reproduce this problem. We are aware that there are some players who are touched with chat issues. But there is also a huge number of players who doesn't have this problem. That's why we can't disable chat for all players. I forwarded all ID numbers I could gather to our dev team and they are trying to find a solution now. I believe in my team and I am sure that they will fix it sooner or later. Just please be patience, that's all I ask.

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