Guidelines for Age of Cavemen.
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The player receives rank when he exceeds the relevant threshold of honor points. But he loses it when it falls by 50 points below the entry level in the league.


For every win (at least 1 star gained) player gets extra meat and stones after the battle. The bonus is assigned for each star acquired in the fight not being revenge.

At the end of Season Top 10 players receive rewards (they may change after the Season):
01 – 2500 Meteorites
02 – 1500 Meteorites
03 – 900 Meteorites
04 – 1 Golden Chest
05 – 1 Silver Chest
06 – 1 Wooden Chest
07 – 10 Tokens
08 - 6 Tokens
09 – 4 Tokens
10 – 2 Tokens

Note: If two players have the same number of points, the higher place is taken by a person who has gained this result as the first.

At the end of the Season, which lasts two weeks, players honor points above 1800 will be reset to the threshold of entry into the Gold I. After the Season, all players are transferred outside the rank, without losing honor. After playing one battle, players are again pooled in the relevant league.

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