I'm new

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I'm new

Postby Metalharpey » 01 Aug 2016, 15:52

Hi everyone :mrgreen:

I'm new, I was wondering if anybody had some really good tips for playing this game?
Don't worry, I love exploring and testing out things so I'm already on my way :mrgreen:
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Re: I'm new

Postby fisha » 01 Sep 2016, 12:36

add me

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Re: I'm new

Postby Jawney » 02 Sep 2016, 12:00

Here are a few tips that may help you out:

- Try to do the Attack - Campaign maps before trying to attack other players. You will get some good return of food and stone that will help you upgrade your village.
- Upgrade your Village Center as it will let you build more buildings of the same that you already have and others that will help you out later on.
- You will have to upgrade your storage as well; some of the upgrades will require you to use more food or stone than you have. The larger storage lets you accumulate more of these.
- If you do not want to buy the meteorites to help you speed up things, save these meteorites; you will need them to get more builders.
- You can get meteorites by completing the "missions" listed in the "Duty", or by cleaning up the rocks and vegetation scattered around your map. Sometimes you will get a few, other times you may get nothing.
- Upgrade your warrior caves to get other types of units; upgrade your training grounds to field a larger attack force.
- Build walls around your Village Center - if this gets destroyed by another player, you lose. The same holds true when you attack - destroy the village center to win (get 1 star), or you can destroy over 50% of his village (get another star). Destroy 100% to get a 3rd star.

I hope that this helps. Keep it fun!

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