What Age Does A Man Emotionally Mature? 15 Immature Things Men Do

When it comes to men there is a big question that people are curious about. At what age does a man emotionally mature? Is it 43? Even a 43 old man has immature moments. What do you think?

I believe that many women observed this in their marriages or the marriage of their friends. So it’s not surprising that many women have come to the same conclusion that men never really mature. This is actually not a good thing for men who want to keep their marriage healthy.

So what age does a man emotionally mature?

According to this post, the average man does not reach full emotional maturity until 43. And this is much later than women. Women reach maturity at the age of 32. And that is a full 11 years earlier than men.

Also, it turned out that about 8 out of 10 women believe men never mature. They really don’t know the answer to the question of “what age does a man emotionally mature?”They also listed the most immature behaviors that men exhibit.

15 signs you should know

Here are the top fifteen (you should check the ones your husband does).

1. Inability to prepare simple meals. 

2. Listening to loud music while driving. 

3. Excessive competitiveness in games and sports with kids.

4. Laughing at curse words.

5. Finding it funny when they burp or pass gas.

6. Excessive speed when driving.

7. Allowing their mother to do their laundry. 

8. Disliking books because they believe they are “boring” or have a short attention span. 

9. Having a midnight fast food meal on occasion.

10. Video game playing with the children.

11. Reluctance to talk about themselves.

12 Performing weird dance moves.

13. Retelling the same stupid jokes and stories with their male friends. 

14. Having fun with practical jokes. 

15. Maintaining silence during heated arguments.