Getting Started In The Cave Of The Forlorn: Elden Ring

The home of the Misbegotten Crusader, or also known as the Cave Of The Forlorn Elden Ring. The cave is located in the Consecrated Snowfield. Also, there are many extremely rare materials in the cave. Stay tuned for our Elden Ring runes guide, which will cover how you can explore Cave of the Forlorn.

Using Elden Ring to Explore the Cave of the Forlorn

This page will walk you through completing Cave of the Forlorn in Elden Ring. Any additional details, like item drops and where you can find these items, will be included along with a walkthrough.

Loot and item drops in the Cave of the Forlorn

  • Butterflies are some the most stunning animals in the game
  • The tenth rune of the best. Rune 10 is the best choice.
  • A nascent ice cream flavor is the best. Rune 7 Freezing Grease.
  • One type of dart, a pointing arrow Boluses of Thawfrost is made of crystal.
  • Miquella’s Lily Hero’s Rune 2 Spiritflame is one of the powerful weapons.

Where Is the Cave of the Forlorn and Where Is It?

The Cave is a mountain cave haunted by the forlorn. Located in the Consecrated Snowfield, southeast Liturgical Town, near the eastern side of the frozen lake, the entrance to the Cave of the Forlorn is discretely hidden.

It can be difficult to find the entrance due to a Giant Octopus that sits at the entrance. It is not necessary to take the Octopus off before entering, but you will need to part with a couple Stonesword Keys in order to open the barrier.

A Guide in the Cave of the Forlorn

When you enter the Cave of the Forlorn, keep in mind that you should stay on the high ground and swing your weapon to interact with the Site of Grace. After it’s activated, go down and look for a corpse in front of you, which has a Golden Rune 7. Now proceed eastward to enter the ice cave further down.

After you’re done with the Summoning Pool, you will soon find a corpse on top of the ice. The corpse has Freezing Grease. You will also find a Misbegotten foe that you can approach covertly. Move first toward a gap north instead of continuing east.

However, be sure you are ready for a tough fight. It will lead you to a chamber with two Misbegotten foes and rats, which are challenging to defeat simultaneously. You can find your reward along the eastern wall, and more Freezing Grease, if you are able to defeat all of them.

After that, instead of going back to the chamber prior to this one, continue moving eastward. The bright purple item located a bit north away will almost certainly draw your attention, but there are two Misbegottens near the item.

Therefore, you should be cautious. You can use stealth and kill them all. Once you’ve killed them now you can claim some Nascent Butterfly, which are located on top of a corpse.

Before proceeding east side of the chamber, go through some substantial ice structures. Then ultimately entering another chamber with a blue icy floor, it is necessary to acquire a Golden Rune 10 on the opposite side of the chamber.

Moving on, you can pick a couple Miquella’s Lilies on either side of the doorway that leads into the chamber and also a couple more that are covered by a large ice pillar. Climb up the stone steps along the first ice structure to obtain the sparkly item from the corpse looking over the ledge.

Then, jump over the gap to the second ice structure. Here you will find a Hero’s Rune 2. Once you have finished this task, enter the passageway and gather more Miquella’s Lily as you go.

Make sure you crouch when you reach the next area. There is a Misbegotten here that you can take care of quietly. After that, move on to the single path that leads to another empty area with cold ground. Two more Misbegotten enemies are here, too.

But there’s the third enemy hiding near your location who is going to swoop around and attack you if you’re not careful. In order to focus on eliminating the enemies without getting sidetracked by the flying Misbegotten’s arrows, attempt to stay out of their sight as soon as you battle one of them. You can utilize the Rune Arc and Spiritflame Arrows once you defeat all three enemies.

Return outside to the region where the big ice buildings that we earlier scaled are located after that. Keep a look out to the west as you enter this area again for an entrance that will lead you to your destination.

There are a couple Miquella’s Lilies in this region, one on top of the ice structure and the other on the ground floor. Jump over to the opposite side of the structure after you’re done with the Lily at the top. Then, turn around to reach a sequence of lowering platforms there.

Use Elden Ring to Complete the Cave of the Forlorn

Make your way slowly down the cascading platforms and into the pit at the bottom. Following your descent, proceed through the entrance to the southwest. You may encounter the glowing jellyfish you observed beneath the ice earlier here.

There are five jellyfish in this area, the final three of which are in charge of defending a few goods, including more Miquella’s Lilies and Thawfrost Boluses, Crystal Darts, and other items.

After you collect everything, travel into the short western hallway. You will encounter a few more jellyfish to eliminate here, but keep an eye out for the hole behind them. Don’t do it until you’ve obtained enough Thawfrost Boluses from the corpse leaning against the brick wall. When you’re ready, drop yourself into the hole cautiously, aiming for the nearest ledge.

When you reach the next ledge, pause and pick up the Freezing Grease there. After that, move on to the mist gate of this tunnel, where you will encounter the Misbegotten Crusader. If you can defeat him, you will get the Golden Order Greatsword.