3 types of men have affairs

3 Types Of Men Have Affairs – Learn The Signs

The harsh truth is, 3 types of men have affairs or in other word, are cheaters. There are the serial cheaters, one-time cheaters, and emotional cheaters. Intentions for cheating and level of risk from being exposed is different for each man. Either way, those are the types of men who have affairs.

Different Types of Affairs That Men Have

As stated earlier, 3 types of men have affairs and then variations of the main groups. Although some people might believe that all affairs are the same, this is untrue. In fact, men who have affairs fall into three categories: validation seekers, comfort seekers, and thrill seekers. Click here to see the signs of an affair.

A validation seeker is a man who seeks external validation from others. He may be insecure or have low self-esteem, and he looks to his affair partner to boost those feelings.

A comfort seeker is typically a married man with children. He seeks a woman who will take care of him and complete his life.

A thrill-seeker is a man who is constantly seeking out new adventures. Women with a lot of energy and life are appealing to him.

The Characteristics of The Three Types of Affairs

An emotional affair,  a sexual affair, and a recreational affair are the three types of affairs. Each type of affair has distinct characteristics.

Recreational Affairs

This type of affair is about fun and excitement without an emotional bond formed.

Emotional Affairs

Intensely emotional and intimate affairs and the two people are typically emotionally connected.

Sexual Affairs

This last type of affair is much more passionate and intimately physical. In these affairs, sexual attraction is typically much stronger than in other types of affairs, and the emotional bond is typically stronger than in recreational affairs.

How to Avoid Getting Involved in an Affair

Men have been unfaithful to their partners since the beginning of time. According to a University of Chicago study, men are three times more likely than women to cheat on their spouses. While there are numerous reasons why men cheat, there are also ways to avoid becoming involved in an affair.

You must be aware of any warning signs to protect yourself from getting into an affair. You can spot the warning signs that someone might not be who they claim to be by listening to your intuition.


To summarize, men who have affairs fall into three categories: those seeking to fill a void in their lives, those seeking an emotional connection, and those seeking a physical connection. Understanding the type of affair a man is having and his motivations is important if you are in a relationship with a man who is having an affair. If you can figure out why he’s cheating, you can work on resolving the issue to save your relationship.